29 January 2016

I was on BBC Outside Source today, commenting on recent violent attacks and riots at asylum homes in Sweden. Starts at 14:50 mins.

12 October 2015

There’s an article in Index on Censorship about one of debates I’m chairing at this year’s Battle of Ideas festival. Read it here.

11 September 2015

The Smithsonian cites my Guardian article about Sweden’s sourdough hotel. Read the story here.

28 August 2015

Im chairing a debate about trigger warnings and safe spaces on September 9th at Kulturhuset in Stockholm. More info here.

14 July 2015

My Swedish Radio story about Swedish students requesting “trigger warnings” and “safe spaces” has touched a nerve. Here are links to some articles and debates sparked by the story.

Svenska Dagbladet: Trigger warnings – Joe McCarthy går igen

Expressen: Universitetet kan inte vara ett rosa kuddrum

Svenska Dagbladet: Göteborgsforskare eller satiriker?

Helsingborgs Dagblad: Rätt norm i rätt rum

Svenska Dagbladet: Brev till ledarsidan om trigger warning

Sydsvenskan: Rätt norm i rätt rum. Biblioteken ska vara trygga, universiteten otrygga

Tankesmedjan i P3: Triggervarning

Bohusläningen: Historien kan inte förses med triggervarningar

Partiledartal i Almedalen: Ebba Busch Thor

SVT Forum: Den nya lättkränktheten

Expressen: Yttrandefrihet måste gå före sårade känslor

Sveriges Radio: Triggerwarnings påminner krönikör Ulrika Knutson om 70-talet

Dagens Nyheter: Triggervarning – men för vadå?

20 April 2015

Chairing a debate this evening about public transport in Stockholm. The event is at Kulturhuset. More info here.

15 January 2015

Italian newspaper Il Foglio cites an old article of mine about controversial French stand-up Dieudonné.

9 December 2014

Brigid Schulte’s book Overwhelmed, chosen as one of the Washington Post‘s best books of 2014, includes a reference to my Christian Science Monitor article about gender equality in Sweden. Here’s that article, from April 2012.

8 December 2014

The Washington Post‘s Eugene Volokh has published an excerpt from my Foreign Policy article about Sweden’s feminist foreign policy agenda. Click here for the WP link and here for the FP link.

7 December 2014

RealClearPolitics links to my Foreign Policy article about Sweden’s feminist agenda. And so does Hot Air.

6 December 2014

Last night, Swedish television channel Kunskapskanalen aired a filmed version of a debate I moderated in Stockholm on November 5th about the politics of nationalism and identity. It’s available to view here.

The event was a Battle of Ideas satellite session – part of an international series of seminars jointly organised by the Institute of Ideas in London and local partner organisations around the world. You can read more about the event – and watch videos of both debates held in Stockholm on November 5th –  here.

5 December 2014

My first piece for Foreign Policy is about Sweden’s plans to pursue a “feminist foreign policy”. Read the article here.

14 November 2014

NBC cites my tweet about Sweden boosting military spending after the armed forces confirmed a submarine had entered Swedish waters.











11 November 2014

My article about sober parties in Stockholm is making the rounds on the web. The story has been picked up by Australian news sites News.com.auSBS and ANI News, as well as by the Fiji TimesBustle and DNA India.

7 November 2014

Booze-free clubbing is Sweden’s latest party craze. I went to the Sober nightclub to find out what the hype is all about and wrote a piece that was cross-published on Roads and Kingdoms and Slate.

5 November 2014

Tonight, I’m chairing a debate about nationalism and identity at Kulturhuset in Stockholm. The event is a Battle of Ideas satellite session – part of an international series of seminars jointly organised by the Institute of Ideas in London and a local partner organisation. More info here.


31 October 2014

I wrote a report about the Battle of Ideas festival for Sweden’s national radio. You can read it here (in Swedish).

On Wednesday November 5th, I’m moderating a Battle of Ideas satellite event at Kulturhuset in Stockholm. The discussion is titled The New Politics of Identity and Nationalism. More information here.

21 October 2014

This article about gender equality in Sweden cites my Slate piece on the topic.

20 October 2014

The 10th Battle of Ideas festival took place at the Barbican Centre in London on October 18th and 19th. I moderated an in-conversation session on Israel and spoke in two debates: one about film and censorship and one about ethical consumption.

28 August 2014

Spanish fashion label Zara sparked global outrage after offering a stripy children’s top with a yellow star through its online stores around Europe and in Israel. My tweet asking “What were the designers at Zara thinking” and the company’s response received global coverage.

Here are links to some of the media reports citing my tweets.

The New York Times

New York Post

CBS News

The Guardian

Irish Mirror / Mirror UK

The Wire

Huffington Post



In Sweden I was cited in:

Dagens Nyheter


P3 Nyheter

Dagens Media


Nyheter 24



Der Tagesspiegel

Digital Journal





29 June 2014

This week, I will be reporting from the political jamboree known as Almedalsveckan. The event, also known as politicians’ week, takes place on the Baltic island of Gotland and attracts a crowd of about 20,000 people. (Information in English is available here.) I will be reporting for Radio Sweden, which is broadcasting live on location Monday through Friday. Tune in!

2 January 2014

The Atlantic reports on Sweden’s gender-equal snowplowing initiatives, citing my story from Radio Sweden. Here’s the Atlantic post and here’s the original story.

9 December 2013

This post on LGBT Weekly cites my Radio Sweden feature about the Rainbow House – Europe’s first LGBT retirement home. Click here for the original radio spot. The BBC picked up on the story here.

20 October

“What is the secret of Scandinavian success?” That’s the title of a debate I chaired today at the Battle of Ideas festival at the Barbican Centre in London. More details here.

21 September 2013

I was invited to a discussion on BBC World Service’s Sportshour where I defended Spurs’ fans right to call themselves Yid Army. You can listen here.

13 September 2013

My March 2012 Vice piece about the Swedish feminists telling men how to sit on the bus is discussed over at the Huffington Post as a similar campaign takes off in NYC. Read the Vice piece here and the HuffPo piece here.

29 July 2013

I was a researcher on this Dutch documentary about gender equality in Sweden. The film was shown on NCRV, Dutch national TV, and attracted around 400,000 viewers.

19 December 2012

I was interviewed for this Deutsche Welle piece on gender neutrality in Sweden.

6 December 2012

This Atlantic piece on Sweden’s push for gender neutrality cites my Slate article on the same topic.

28 November 2012

Today I discuss the international reaction to Sweden’s new gender-neutral toy catalogue. The talkshow is on Swedish public radio and it’s in…Swedish. You can listen here.

26 November 2012

“Is Sweden’s gender neutrality going too far?” I answer the question on Public Radio International’s The World. Listen here!

25 November 2012

Back in April I wrote this article for the Christian Science Monitor about gender pedagogy in Sweden. Today it is cited in a Russia Today report about a new gender-neutral toy catalogue in Sweden.

21 November 2012

Today I was invited on to a talkshow on Swedish public radio to discuss my latest BuzzFeed piece about the campaign to boycott Chris Brown’s concert in Stockholm, what kind of image I give of Sweden in my articles and which stories from Sweden work best for an international audience. The interview is available here – but it’s in Swedish!

19 November 2012

Chris Brown is performing in Stockholm tonight. Here’s my report for BuzzFeed about the campaign to boycott his gig.

31 October 2012

My tweet about American Apparel’s Sandy Sale was picked up by ABC News.

Ryan Holiday, spokesperson for American Apparel, responded to ABC News in an email:

“For us, this is about us working like crazy to get and keep our stores open. We’ve got employees who can’t work when stores are closed due to weather and the biggest Made in USA factory in the country that sits idle–we would never try to offend anyone or capitalize on a natural disaster, this was simply an effort to mitigate some of the effects of the storm on our business.”

19 October 2012

I’m moderating the debate ‘Taming Tabloid Tittle-Tattle’ at the Battle of Ideas festival at the Barbican in London this weekend. There will be 350 speakers taking part in 80 debates over two days. The festival tagline is ‘Free speech allowed!’

9 October 2012

A report I wrote for The Local about a Swedish lunch lady who was told her food is ‘too good’ is doing the rounds on the web. The school board felt it was ‘unfair’ that other school kids were not receiving as good food, and so told the lunch lady to put a lid on it.

The story from The Local has been covered on CBC, UPI, Huffington Post, Jezebel, The Mary SueThe Voice of Russia and MSN. It was also on the front pages of Fark and Reddit.

28 September 2012

The Jewish Journal in LA cites my Haaretz report on the attack on a Jewish community building in Malmö, Sweden.

26 August 2012

I’m giving a talk about ‘Occupation Tourism’ at Limmud Fest today. The presentation will be about the alternative tourism industry that has boomed around the Israel-Palestine conflict and will consider why so many want to visit the Occupied Territories.

In its recent edition about Judaism in the Diaspora, the Economist described Limmud as ‘British Jewry’s proudly celebrated contribution to modern Judaism’.

The full festival programme is available here. Read the Economist piece here.

23 August 2012

This week, I’m running the Young Journalists’ Academy Summer School in London, a programme that I coordinate and that is supported by The Times.

A highlight of the week has been our visit to News International, where we met the Sun’s associate editor, Trevor Kavanagh, the political editor, David Wooding, the showbiz editor, Gordon Smart and the TV critic, Ally Ross. We also had speakers from The Wall Street Journal, the BBC, the Sunday Mirror, VICE and much more.

Here is some press coverage of the programme:

East End Schoolkids aim to beat middle-class barrier into journalism

Young Sidcup journalist makes his mark

Kingsbury teenager wins a place at prestigious journalism school

Newham student journalists win place in academy

17 July 2012

The German magazine Factum has published my article about gender pedagogy in Sweden. View it here:  

13 June 2012

My Christian Science Monitor article about gender pedagogy in Sweden has been translated into German for Novo Argumente.

28 May 2012

My article about Sweden’s push for gender neutrality has been translated for the French version of Slate. French-speakers can read it here.

27 May 2012

I moderated a couple of workshops at this weekend’s Geek Girl Meetup, an ‘unconference for geek girls interested in web, technology and innovation’.

19 May 2012

My Christian Science Monitor article about gender pedagogy in Sweden has been translated into German and published on Cuncti, a web magazine focused on gender issues. German-speakers can read it here.

18 May 2012

The Jewcy article about modest fashion can now also be found on Tablet.

17 May 2012

Israeli news site Ynet reports on my BuzzFeed story about modest fashion. Hebrew speakers can read it here.

15 May 2012

Swedish magazine Nöjesguiden links to my debate with its editor, Margret Atladottir, on CBC Radio in Canada.

14 May 2012

This article in Jewcy discusses modest chic fashion.

13 May 2012

The Algemeiner reports on Olivia Palermo’s new status as a fashion icon among Orthodox women.

12 May 2012

The Daily Mail covers my BuzzFeed story about the Orthodox women who are taking styling tips from reality TV star Olivia Palermo. Read the Mail’s report here.

11 May 2012

I have an article on BuzzFeed about the fashion-savvy orthodox women whose modest looks are all the rage this Spring. Read it here.

The post has been picked up by New York Magazine, Refinery 29, JezebelThe Frisky, Racked NYRacked LA and Style Bistro.

10 May 2012

Globe and Mail in Canada and the New Statesman in the UK  both cite my Slate piece on Sweden’s lunch discos.

4 May 2012

My Slate report about Sweden’s lunch discos is discussed on Slate’s DoubleX Gabfest show. Listen to it here.

3 May 2012

My Slate report about Sweden’s lunch discos is discussed in the Italian Il Post. Italian-speakers can read it here. As they say, in Stockholm  it’s fashionable to passare la pausa pranzo in discoteca!

2 May 2012

The LA Times’ Daily Dish blog picks up my Slate article about Swedish lunch discos.

Chabad Info brings up the news about anti-Semitism in Sweden, linking to my Jewish Chronicle report about Obama’s envoy Hannah Rosenthal. She visited Malmö to investigate the situation.

1 May 2012

The Ledger Inquirer in Alabama links to my Slate article about Swedish lunch raves.

The Point Radio, a Christian station, discusses gender-neutrality.

25 April 2012

Does English need a gender-neutral pronoun? I debate the question on Q, with Jian Ghomeshi, the national, daily, arts and culture show on CBC Radio in Canada. Listen to the show here.

The hen story is also discussed in Macleans, Canada’s national weekly current affairs magazine. Read it here.

20 April 2012

The University of Oxford’s Practical Ethics blog discusses my report on the introduction of gender-neutral words in Sweden from the perspective of grammar and the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis

18 April 2012

My Slate piece about gender neutrality in Sweden is being debated in the Christian Post and Christian Today.

It’s also been rehashed, without credits or links to Slate, by The Voice of Russia.

17 April 2012

A Swedish regional paper, Norrbottens Kuriren, links to my Slate piece, commenting that ‘it’s always interesting to see how Swedish phenomena are viewed abroad’. The topic is also discussed on the Care2 website.

16 April 2012

The Economist’s language blog comments on my Slate piece, pointing out that gender-neutral pronouns have been proposed for English, too.  My article is also discussed over at the international design blog, Design Taxi, and by the social media correspondent at Swedish Public Radios Journalism 3.0 site. Asian Correspondent mentions it here.

15 April 2012

Says John Steigerwald of the Pennsylvania Observer Reporter: ‘Remember when we were always being told to look to Sweden for solutions to America’s problems? I don’t think it happens as much as it used to, and here’s a good reason to be glad: The next big thing over there is gender neutrality. They’ve even come up with a gender-neutral pronoun: hen.’

14 April 2012

The Sydney Morning Herald reports on Sweden’s ‘gender-neutral push’, citing from my Slate story. My article was also cited in the Globe and Mail and CBC in Canada, the Swedish Wire website, Curators of Sweden (the Swedish Institute’s Twitter handle), and the Lew Rockwell blog.

This roundup of the week’s most interesting Slate stories includes a summary of my article on gender neutrality.

13 April 2012

In Sweden, Axess magazine blogs about my Slate article about hen and gender neutrality. Swedish-speakers can read the Axess post about ‘newspeak and its consequences’ here.

My article has also been discussed on a couple of language blogs: Wordorigins and Language Log.

12 April 2012

The Huffington Post cites my Slate article about hen, Sweden’s new gender-neutral pronoun. Read the HuffPo blog here, and my Slate piece here.

The feminist website Austostraddle writes excitedly about ‘hen’, linking to my piece.

09 April 2012

My latest Christian Science Monitor piece, about gender pedagogy and proponents of gender neutrality in Sweden, is now up on MinnPost, the non-profit news site. View it here. It’s also been posted on the EU-Digest blog.

19 March 2012

I have a couple of stories in this week’s edition of the Jewish Chronicle that are not available online.

One is about the death of a two-week-old baby in Brooklyn. He contracted herpes after an orthodox circumcision ritual known as metzitzah b’peh, or oral suction. The case has revived a debate about the safety of circumcision and the boundaries of religious freedom. New York City authorities have tried to curb the orthodox ritual in the past. Mayor Michael Bloomberg told reporters: ‘There’s probably nobody in public life who fights harder for the separation of church and state than me. But religious liberty simply does not extend to injuring others or putting children at risk… So we’ll continue working with the community and others to prevent more baby boys from suffering these tragic fates.’

The second story deals with President Barack Obama’s proposal to lower the income tax deduction rate for charitable giving. William Daroff, vice president for public policy at the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA), told me that if the proposed reforms are carried through, the consequences would be ‘immense’. The US charitable sector as a whole would face a 4 to 6 per cent annual loss in donations, said Mr Daroff. ‘For the Jewish Federations that means a decrease of between $40 and $60million annually.’ With an estimated $200million transferred annually from the JFNA to Israel, the expected reduction in charitable donations would result in a $8-12 million decrease in funds for Israel.

12 March 2012

Here’s a response to my most recent HuffPo post on the Reason Rally and New Atheism. My original piece has also been included in the Wikipedia entry for the Reason Rally.

10 March 2012

Several commentators have responded to my Huffington Post article on ‘closet- atheists’ and the Reason Rally. To answer some of the criticisms, I wrote a follow-up piece, which  is available here. Here are links to some blog posts written in response to my original article.


Friendly Atheist

Free Thoughts

Butterflies & Wheels

6 March 2012

Today, spiked republished my Huffington Post piece on the idea that closet-atheists should ‘come out’ – rhetoric borrowed from gay and lesbian rights campaigns. Read it here.

1 March 2012

Today, Antiwar.com – the site devoted to the cause of non-interventionism – links to my piece on the White House’s funding of an NYPD Muslim spying programme. My article is here.

27 January 2012

In an interview with London Loves Business, Luluvise founder Alexandra Chong responds to my description of her ladies-only social networking site as a ‘silly, wannabe combo of Sex and the City and High School Musical’. Chong reportedly said: ‘Well, if we’re not your cup of tea, we’re not your cup of tea, don’t join our platform. We have millions of other girls who would like to luluvise.’ The interviewer describes the word ‘luluvise’ as a new English verb.

Chong may well have found a lucrative niche market and whether or not young women would like to join the Luluvise network is of course up to them. My criticism focused on how it combines the view of women as vulnerable with the view of women as primarily interested in gossip, fashion and rating men. I suggested this is in no way ’empowering’, but quite the opposite – it buys into and supports a reductive take on womanhood. So, Luluvise’s self-styled image as a ‘girl power’ website is good marketing, but bad feminism.

Read the London Loves Business interview with Alexandra Chong here and view my original post here. And you can decide for yourself whether you’d like ‘to luluvise’ or not by checking out Chong’s social network website here.

19 January 2012

It’s the end of an era: today Eastman Kodak filed for bankruptcy in a Manhattan court. The 131-year-old film pioneer had been struggling for years to adapt to a digital era. One of many signs that this day was imminent came with the discontinuation of Kodachrome film in 2009. After 20 years of steadily dropping sales, Kodak stopped producing the film which has been used to create some of the most iconic images of the past two decades. In December 2010, I spoke to the vice president of Dwayne’s Photo, a family-run lab in Parsons, Kansas, and the last place on Earth to process Kodachrome. You can read my article here.

1 December 2011

Today is World AIDS Day. I thought I’d flag up two articles from the spiked archives. One considers the harmful effects of well-meaning AIDS prevention initiatives. The second, written by me, suggests that there is an unhealthy obsession with Africans’ sex lives among westerners. Read the articles here and here.

28 November 2011

The thirtieth annual International Conference of Chabad-Lubavitch Emissaries opened over the weekend in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. During the conference, the over 4,000 participating rabbis and scholars gather for a traditional group photo. It is shot outside 770 Eastern Parkway, the former home address of the late Lubavitcher Rebbe, Menachem Mendel Schneerson. I was there – and here are some pictures I took:

The spiritual leader of the Hasidic Chabad movement, Rabbi Schneerson hardly ever left Brooklyn, but his followers can be found around the world – from Puerto Rico to Tunisia, from Norway to Vietnam. The emissaries’ task is to serve the spiritual needs of local Jewish communities, and to encourage Jews to have ‘a deeper connection to Judaism’s rituals and faith’. Chabadnik emissaries are like missionaries, but rather than trying to convert non-Jews to Judaism (which is anathema to the Jewish faith) their mission is summed up in this statement: ‘No Jew should ever be lost to the Jewish people, no Jew must ever be lonely.’ Getting Jews to be more Jewish – or more like them – is their mission!

17 November 2011

Today marks the two-month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street. I’ll be discussing the protests at a New York Salon dinner. More details here.

15 November 2011

My spiked article about New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s war on pop has been translated to German and published in Novo Argumente. German-speakers can read it here.

10 November 2011

I’ve been reporting from the US for the UK Jewish Chronicle. Here’s my latest piece, about the World Memory Project.

31 October 2011

My spiked article about the ‘wannabe tyrants of Wall Street’ has been re-published in Swedish on Voltaire. Read it here.

28 October 2011

My article about Halloween scaremongering is now up on Huffington Post USA’s Parents section. Read it here.

27 October 2011

Lenore Skenazy has posted my article about Halloween scare stories on her blog, Free Range Kids. Lenore was called ‘America’s Worst Mom’ simply for letting her nine-year-old son take the subway alone, something I did all the time when I was growing up. Her site is a great challenge to the idea that childhood is inherently dangerous, and it shows that being overprotective is bad for both kids and parents.

17 October 2011

Rational Review has recently listed two of my articles in their News Digest, on the wannabe tyrants of Wall Street and on the intolerant reaction to an Islam-inspired comic.

13 October 2011

A Hot Air post on anti-Semitism at the Occupy Wall Street protest quotes my Huffington Post blog about the hateful response sparked by my spiked report from the first day of the demonstration. The piece is also discussed in an Examiner article.

6 October 2011

My Huffington Post article about the conspiratorial and anti-Semitic responses to my spiked report on Occupy Wall Street was discussed at the Marxist-Humanist Initiative and the New Jewish Resistance blogs.

21 September 2011

Happy birthday to Leonard Cohen who is 77 today! In the summer of 2008 I went to his concert at the 02 arena in London.  The sell-out gig was recorded and turned into a DVD. I reported on it for spiked. You can read about my ‘night of joy with the Godfather of Gloom’ here.

13 September 2011

I’ll be reporting from New York for the next six months. Click here to read my first piece, on the tenth anniversary of 9/11, in the Huffington Post. Click here to view my photo reportage for spiked with pictures from the ceremony at Ground Zero. More images are available on Flickr here.

17 August 2011

Rational Review has linked to a couple of my pieces – my spiked column on the social justice protests in Israel and my spiked review of books piece on a Swedish book about killjoys and paternalism.

4 August 2011

This week, I’m running the Young Journalists’ Academy Summer School. We have a great bunch of students and the group has already visited The Times, Reuters and the BBC. A number of journalists are volunteering their time to run workshops at our main venue in Canary Wharf. There are sessions on everything from TV reviewing (with the Sun’s Ally Ross) and foreign correspondence (Al Jazeera’s Alan Fisher) to sports reporting (The Times’ Alyson Rudd) and features (The Sunday Times’ Eleanor Mills).

Here is some coverage of the event:

Roy Greenslade’s blog, the Guardian

Joanna Geary’s blog, The Times

Yellow Advertiser

Westminster Chronicle

Pimlico People

Pimlico People

Wandsworth Guardian

The Docklands

26 July 2011

My Huffington Post blog on why Norwegians are right to resist calls for tighter surveillance and privacy intrusions in the wake of the murderous attacks in Oslo and on Utøya is republished by Newsmill here and by spiked here.

14 July 2011

My latest Huffington Post blog, on BP’s funding of the arts in the UK, is being discussed over at Reason.

11 July 2011

Glenn Beck of Fox News fame has addressed the Israeli Knesset today. It seems some members of parliament outdid the ‘shock jock’ in shrillness. But regardless of what one makes of Beck’s views, campaigns to silence him threaten free speech. Here’s a piece I wrote earlier this year on the ‘the right to go berserk on air’. It was in response to efforts by the Jewish Funds for Justice (JFSJ) to get Rupert Murdoch to end Beck’s tenure at Fox News.

9 July 2011

I have been invited to write for the UK edition of the Huffington Post, launched this week. Read my first post, about the new single ‘Freedom for Palestine’, here.

8 July 2011

This week, I have reported on the downfall of the News of the World for the Christian Science Monitor. Read my entries here and here.

1 July 2011

As the second Gaza-bound ‘Freedom Flotilla’ is held up in Greece, here are a few links to my thoughts on the whole saga:

Gaza flotilla: riding on a wave of narcissism

Gaza: Neither an open-air prison nor a terrorist haven

The Flotilla Wars: one stunt begets another

Israel solidarity demonstration, London

20 June 2011

The June edition of the Dutch ZAM Magazine carries my piece on the campaign to halt the construction of the Gibe III dam in Ethiopia. Dutch speakers can read it here.

29 May 2011

The Issues of Concern for Justice & Society (ICJS) has posted my piece on settlement boycotts. Here it is.

28 May 2011

R.I.P legendary singer Gil Scott-Heron. It’s a shame he wouldn’t play Tel Aviv.

26 May 2011

My article on the Nakba Day protests at Israel’s borders is now available in Swedish at Voltaire. Read it here. (The original, English version is here.)

19 May 2011

A row has broken out in the UK over comments by the justice secretary, Kenneth Clarke, about rape. After Clarke gave an interview on BBC Radio 5 Live, Labour leader Ed Miliband demanded his resignation for suggesting that there are ‘other categories of rape’. Today, spiked has republished an article of mine from last year, which I wrote in response to an official review of the British laws surrounding rape. I argued that the contemporary debate around rape rehabilitates the Victorian view of women as helpless victims. You can read the piece here.

5 May 2011

For my latest report in the UK Jewish Chronicle, click here.

29 April 2011

The Swedish magazine Voltaire has republished my spiked column on the Goldstone Report. Read it (in Swedish) here.

11 April 2011

France’s controversial ‘burqa ban’ takes effect today, a policy I argued against at a recent debate on religious tolerance. You can listen to it here.

Also, on the eve of the ban, Anorak published my opinion piece on why permanently banning a so-called ‘preacher of hate’ from entering France represents an assault on freedom of expression. He was on his way to a Paris protest against the burqa ban. Read the article here.

7 April 2011

I’ll be reporting from Israel for the next couple of months. My first article, on the implications of the Goldstone saga, is published on spiked today. Read it here.

4 April 2011

My article about the Swedish ‘Manga verdict’ is now available on Anorak. Click here to read it.

1 April 2011

My spiked column on the Swedish ‘Manga verdict’ is being debated over at The Daily Kos, the liberal American blog. Click here to read on.

31 March 2011

I report on the escalating row between The Simon Wiesenthal Centre and Malmö mayor Ilmar Reepalu. Read the report in this week’s UK Jewish Chronicle – click here.

29 March 2011

Johan Linander, a Swedish MP of the Centre Party and deputy chair of the Committee on Justice, has responded to my Expressen article on vetting. Read his response (in Swedish) here.

Linander has proposed that private child minding companies should be obliged to run criminal records checks on their staff in order to ‘protect children’. In his response he also says individuals who wish to work or volunteer with children, for instance at parent cooperatives, pre-schools and sports clubs, should be able to withdraw partial rather than complete criminal records. This is in order to protect individuals’ privacy while still allowing organisations and parents to find out whether those individuals have previously been convicted of child abuse.

Linander says the Centre Party does not want a UK-style surveillance system. That’s good, but encouraging all organisations that engage children to treat adults as paedophiles until proven otherwise entrenches a deep feeling of suspicion and distrust across society. It also erodes vigilance and personal responsibility to care for one’s own and others’ children, as this gets replaced by a state-issued seal of approval that in any case cannot fully guarantee safety for children.

As in the UK, increased regulation of adult-child relations in Sweden is likely to make well-meaning adults nervous about interacting with kids for fear of being suspected of paedophilia. Allowing parents and organisations to make individual decisions about who to entrust their children with would be a better approach.

28 March 2011

An investigative article series about child minding companies in Swedish daily Svenska Dagbladet has prompted an MP and child protectionists to call for stricter vetting procedures. In a comment piece in today’s edition of Expressen, a leading Swedish tabloid, I warn Sweden not to go down the UK’s vetting hysteria route. Read the article here.

25 March 2011

Nazret, the Ethiopian current affairs blog, has republished my Australian piece on the campaign to halt Ethopia’s dam project. The Australian article is here and the Nazret link is here.

16 March 2011

Back in November 2010 I took part in a panel debate titled ‘Trafficking: new slave trade or moral panic?’ at the Battle of Ideas festival in London. It was filmed by the online citizen TV channel WORLDbytes and is now available to watch here.

12 March 2011

I’m now a writer for Anorak, one of the UK’s longest running news and media websites. Read my first column here.

10 March 2011

This week’s Jewish Chronicle has a report by me on Julian Assange’s ties to a notorious anti-Semite. Read it here.

8 March 2011

My second blog post on the Act Global student network is now up. Read it here.

3 March 2011

This month, I’ll be writing a guest blog about freedom of movement on the Act Global student network. Read my first post here.

2 March 2011

I have a piece on the Guardian’s Comment is Free website paying tribute to the artist Suze Rotolo, who has sadly passed away after struggling with lung cancer. Known to the world as THAT girl on the front cover of Bob Dylan’s second album, The Freewheelin’, Rotolo was nevertheless so much more than ‘Dylan’s muse’. Read my article here.

The Wall Street Journal has linked to the piece here.
The San Francisco Chronicle has a link here.
The Philippine Times has a link here.

1 March 2011

I’ll be writing dispatches from Sweden for the next month. Read my first spiked piece, on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the assassination of Olof Palme and the current crisis of social democracy, here.

16 February 2011

Readers of Andrew Bolt’s blogg at the Australian Herald Sun discuss my piece about ‘St Julian’ Assange and his Sweden-bashing. Click here to read, and join in, the debate.

The story was also picked up by Anorak here.

14 February 2011

Today, my opinion piece on Assange is republished on Stockholm News. Click here to read it.

9 February 2011

My article about ‘St Julian’ Assange’s celebrity-studded extradition hearing and the conspiratorial mindset of Wikileaks’ supporters is posted in the opinion section of The Swedish Wire.

25 January 2011

I was invited to speak about trafficking and freedom of movement in the first ever Act Global debate, organised by the Citizenship Foundation and the Royal Commonwealth Society. The discussion topic was ‘What if… there were no borders?’ Find out more about the event here.

13 January 2011

Over at the New Statesman blog, Sholto Byrnes takes issue with my views on libel reforms.

Today I was on Iranian Press TV discussing Rupert Murdoch’s influence on British politics.

6 January 2011

I have a brief report on the alleged link between the Mumbai and Copenhagen terror plots in this week’s UK Jewish Chronicle. Read it here.

Also, The Swedish Wire republished my spiked piece on Swedish politicians’ and law enforcers’ response to the terror plots in Scandinavia. Read it here.

5 January 2011

First blackbirds drop dead in Arkansas. Now jackdaws in Sweden. A common cause? I call the chairman of the Swedish Ornithological Society to find out! Read my report in the Christian Science Monitor.

29 December 2010

Another republication of my spiked piece on the Stockholm suicide attack. This time on Stockholm News.


22 December 2010

I was invited on to Studio Ett, the flagship current affairs programme of Swedish public radio, to comment on the #talkaboutit / #prataomdet campaign. Listen to the programme here.

Also, I report for the UK Jewish Chronicle on the Swedish Jewish community’s response to Sweden’s first suicide bombing. Read the article here.

The Swedish Wire – the English-language news site covering Swedish current affairs – picked up my spiked comment piece on the Stockholm suicide attack here.


15 December 2010

Read my comments on the Stockholm suicide bombing on Swedish opinion website Newsmill. Click here.

I was also asked to write a letter about the suicide attack for today’s Evening Standard.

13 November 2010

Here’s me in the Australian arguing that Africa doesn’t need saving by the West or its musicians.


5 November 2010

Click here to watch me discuss the Israeli loyalty oath on Iranian Press TV.


Nathalie Rothschild – freelance journalist, Stockholm, Sweden.